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My boss asked me (over a month ago) to blog about what it is like to work at High Rock Accounting and it is due today.  So here goes…

My first thought was to write about work-life balance.  I was brainstorming as I was attempting to put my house back together after two months of hard-core studying for the CPA exams (with three busy children, I might add).  I just took an exam on Monday…and now…write a blog…on a Saturday?  Where is the balance?  Then, I recalled a very appropriate quote from my boss, “There is no work-life balance, only work-life integration.”  I completely agree.    

Prior to High Rock, I worked in the “traditional” corporate world for many years.  I left that world for several reasons.  Most significantly, I woke up one day and realized that life was passing me by.  I was living to work and not working to live.  My children were going to be the casualties if I didn’t make some adjustments.

During my first interview with High Rock, Liz made me an amazing soy latte on the company espresso machine and we talked.  When I left that day, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the high-energy, entrepreneurial, non-traditional working environment that High Rock is about.  Furthermore, I knew that any boss who has no hang-ups about making an espresso for an employee is a boss I wanted to work for! 

I joined the High Rock Accounting team in April of this year and haven’t looked back. I have been with the company for seven months now.  For me, the experience thus far has been about working hard, embracing challenge, being involved in work –life decisions, and allowing a career to fit within the confines of living versus living within the confines of work.  There is a very big difference – a difference that positively impacts quality of life.  And, small things like great mid-morning lattes on the company espresso machine, a foosball game with the boss at lunch, exercise balls to sit on while working, among other things – they all contribute to a more enjoyable work-world.  

In conclusion, I agree that there is no such thing as work-life “balance.”  It is inherently un-balanced.  However, a work culture that truly does its best to accommodate the important life demands of its employees and views work as an experience not just a “daily grind,” makes it worth being a part of every day.  With that said, there are not too many other companies out there that I would rather be writing a blog for on a Saturday.  I am thankful to be a part of an organization that genuinely gets it. 

High Rock Accounting Rocks!

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