Just last year I was a recent graduate looking for the right home. I was apprehensive and timid in my approach when it came time for the recruiting cycle. I put on my best suit and walked in with a stack of resumes prepared to distribute them dutifully. In retrospect, I went in begging for a job from anyone who would listen. I definitely didn’t ask myself ahead of time what I wanted and how I could help a firm succeed.

Fast forward to this year. I am working for a firm I love and can’t imagine doing anything different. I get to help businesses out by marrying technology and accounting in what ever customization fits their needs.  So now I find myself on the other side of the recruiting table and my mind is flooded with tips for all those future grads.

I can tell you from experience now that it is true. All the tips and tricks your professors mention about networking are real. The first thing I paid attention to was whether or not we received any emails from the students we spoke with. I only know of one such email out of several dozen students we engaged with. I personally felt them jump to the top of the pack. So with that, I want to put out my thoughts on the matter.

  1. Follow up by email – there is no such thing as too soon.
  2. Engage the recruiter with curiosity and find out what they do. Why are they different?
  3. Know why you want to be an accountant and express your passions.
  4. You don’t have experience? Outline school projects that demonstrate the skills you have learned in school and be prepared to talk about it.
  5. Not to be crass, but breath mints, please.
  6. Start visiting firms early! If I see you stop by every year until you graduate, that is going to get my attention. Hearing “no” right now, may not mean “no” forever.

There are many opportunities for accounting students if you know how to put yourself out there and to engage with firms. Accounting is a tough job which requires tenacity and perseverance to succeed. Keep pushing to become a Rockstar!