We love technology! Seriously, we even have mugs that say it. At High Rock Accounting, we help businesses succeed by utilizing cutting edge technology to provide accounting solutions that increase your business’ efficiency and competitiveness. 

With so many technology-based business tools, deciphering which are worth the investment, and which are just backed by an incredible marketing team can be a challenge! We have spent years testing tools to determine the best ones for our firm and  clients, and these are our favorite tools for business so far: 

Best Cloud Accounting Tool for Small/ Medium Businesses: Xero

Monthly price: Starts at $9 after one month free trial
Rating: 4.2 on G2Crowd

As an alternative to quickbooks, Xero provides an affordable, software-as-a-service tool for small to medium sized businesses. Xero automates the most error-prone aspects of bookkeeping, including invoices, ban reconciliation and inventory, to ensure you always have accurate books without investing a ton of time to get them that way. 

Xero also provides you a comprehensive, real time view of your cashflow and plays well with smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs so you always know exactly where you financials are at. When you’re ready to grow your business, Xero even collaborates with over 500 different services, allow the software to grow to meet your evolving business needs.  

Best Cloud Accounting Tool for Fast Growing Businesses: Sage Intacct

Monthly price: Base price at $400
Rating: 4.2 on G2Crowd

A case-by-case cloud-based accounting software, Sage Intacct configures to meet the unique needs of your scaling business. You always get the core capabilities every business needs, including cash management, digital board book and reporting, and then your cost adjusts so you only pay for the advanced features your business actually needs. Advance add-on features range from project accounting to expense reports to inventory management, and easily integrates with your existing external softwares. 

Best Financial Document Organizer: Hubdoc

Monthly price: Starting at $20 after two week free trial
Rating: 4.4 on G2Crowd

Hubdoc is the safer, more convenient alternative to your old filing system. 

Compatible with most accounting software, Hubdoc simplifies your expense tracking by minimizing user data entry and automating the organizational processes. Then, it stores digital copies of all the financial records your business depends upon on in one place.  

Best Accounts Payable Tool: Bill.com

Monthly price: Starts at $29 per month after one month free trial
Rating: 4.2 on G2Crowd

A cloud-based business management solution, Bill.com makes it easier to create, review, approve, deny, and even pay your company’s bills, payroll, and invoices. Compatible with most accounting software, Bill.com automatically inputs your bills to help you ensure that your account and books match.  

Best for International Payments: Veem

Monthly price: Free*
Rating: Not yet rated on G2Crowd

Veem is a tech-based, digital payment processor which simplifies how your business sends and receives money. Using secure, low-cost wire payments, Veem allows you to track your money transfers in real-time across currencies.

*costs $20 only when a receiver outside of US opts to receive payment in USD

Best Communication Tool: Slack

Monthly price: Starting at $6.67 per user
Rating: 4.5 on G2Crowd

Slack is a collaboration software that makes teamwork more efficient. With the capacity to integrate file sharing, Slack provides updates regarding your accounting software and helps build custom workflows to streamline your financial processes.

Best Payroll System: Gusto

Monthly price: starts at $39 per month after a one month free trial
Rating: 4.3 on G2Crowd

Gusto is a payroll system tailored to the needs of businesses. Compatible with most accounting software, Gusto reduces errors during payroll filing and tax payments without wasting a ton of time. Just a few clicks and the tool seamlessly integrates with most accounting programs, including Xero.

Best Expense Tracking Tool for Simple Workflow: Xero Expenses

Monthly price: Included in $60 Xero Established Plan
Rating: 4.2 on G2Crowd

Xero Expenses is a cloud-based expense report and timesheet service designed for small businesses. It automates expense policies management, generates paperless expense claims, and generates reports that provide insight into employee spending patterns. Xero Expenses is integrated with Xero and accessible at all times from a mobile app.

Best Expense Tracking Tool for Complex Approvals: Expensify

Monthly price: Starting at $5 per user after six week free trial
Rating: 4.3 on G2Crowd

Designed for medium-sized businesses and enterprises, Expensify is a cloud-based expense report and timesheet service that automates your expense policies management. Compatible with most accounting software, Expensify generates employee claims and expense reports from anywhere using a mobile app.

At High Rock, not only do we believe these are the best tools available right now, we utilize them every day. Together, these tools create a business suite that streamlines our accounting and collaboration processes, allowing us to curate personalized financial care. And by regularly refreshing the technology trust,  we ensure our clients always receive the best accounting services possible.

Leverage Technology to Manage Your Financials