On March 13th, 2020, Practice Ignition named our fantastic CEO, Liz Mason, one of the Top 50 Women in Accounting. This global award recognizes women who are leading the charge when it comes to advocacy, change, and community within the Accounting and Bookkeeping industry.

“We received such a large and diverse range of entries from women in, and around the accounting industry, it was amazing to see.” says Guy Pearson, CEO at Practice Ignition, and one of this year’s Women in Accounting judges.

“As a result, we’ve had to hold a much higher bar on the applicants and looked at those genuinely going above and beyond – helping the accounting community, their team and clients, and the greater external community to improve the world of financial literacy and the impact the numbers can make.”

Practice Ignition first launched the ‘Women in Accounting’ initiative on International Women’s Day in 2018 as a way to honor and recognize women who are driving change and creating opportunities for the next generation of young leaders.

Liz Mason has been on an epic journey to build something new with a strong vision – to revolutionize the future of accounting. She worked in large public accounting firms and kept feeling like she needed more. She needed better client relationships, better technology, better reasons to keep working, and the ability to utilize her talents fully. Liz never received that before branching out on her own.

When she first started High Rock, she only had ideas because there was not a good example of a firm in this new model. Accountants were not adopting or even aware of the cloud computing technologies that other businesses utilize daily. Liz brought that technology to the small businesses that need it the most. It was essential to her to be able to provide services across the board in accounting, from bookkeeping to CFO to tax to consulting. Ensuring that High Rock had the talent internally meant building closer relationships, working outside of traditional public accounting roles, and training the right people for the position regardless of history and timing.

“I am extremely passionate about the accounting profession #CPAWorldDomination! I sincerely believe that our industry can “be better” (a phrase I use far too often) to both our humans and our clients. The cause that excites me the most is collaborating with firm owners and accounting tech companies to promote technological advancement and efficiencies to provide significant improvements to our lives. There are multiple communities in accounting that are my home. First, I am a National Xero Ambassador (NXA), a role that brings me to many tables in the Xero community. With this role, I get the opportunity to work directly with firms encouraging newer tech stacks, updating business practices, and giving the younger generations a place to grow (and hope). Within my role as NXA, I cultivate a group of writers who are Xero partner firms, to elevate their voices in the greater accounting profession and share best practices. Second, I am a graduate of AICPA Leadership Academy (LAB) and I frequently work with other LABs on thought collaboration, sharing of best practices and experiences, and ideation of new concepts. Third, being a founding member of Accounting Salon has been an amazing experience for me. Presenting in front of that group of collaborative, supportive, badass, kind, and brilliant accountants has been a privilege. I also get to share my “edge” ideas for the industry and hear feedback from accounting veterans. Fourth, I am the strategic editor of Tax Practice News to share innovative technology + practice management ideas to tax firms seeking new and more efficient ways to practice. It has been fun launching a new publication with the team behind Insightful Accountant and building a community around it. In summary, I find communities of intelligent, innovative thinkers and I work to collaborate with them to save the future of our profession.”

We at Team World Domination could not be happier that Liz Mason has been recognized for all the amazing achievements she has been accomplishing. She truly is a badass human deserving of this accolade.