Customized HR & Operations Services on a Subscription Basis

We know one-time projects sometimes arise, so single project pricing is also available.

Systems & Processes

Let High Rock Human Resources walk through your current procedures and identify areas to streamline, automate, and simplify. Eliminating double data entry or gaps in process can save teams tons of time and expensive to fix errors. Employers that transition away from multiple stand alone systems usually save 3-10 hours per week!

Policy & Procedure Development

High Rock Human Resources will review your existing policies to ensure procedures are clearly communicated and current. We will look for areas that might be missing and recommend changes or additions. Team members going over budget on travel? Always submitting expense without receipts? Let’s create a clear travel expense policy!

Complaints & Compliance Issues

High Rock Human Resources is your one stop shop for compliance. Let us do the research for you. We have established relationships with legal professionals and specialists that can now be a part of your professional arsenal to protect yourself and your organization. Receive a letter from the EEOC and don’t know what to do next? Give us a call.

Employee Benefits Implementation

Wondering if you need to start offering group coverage for your employees? Already decided to offer insurance but don’t know how to find the best plan? High Rock Human Resources will inventory your needs, identify a broker, find a plan that suits your needs, and even manage the open enrollment process for you.

Manage Employee Relations

Need someone on-call to talk through employee issues as they pop up? High Rock Human Resources can navigate specific employee issues, as well as create performance management processes. We coach you on how to write those dreaded disciplinary documents or guide you on how to have difficult employee conversations.

Handbook Development

Already have a handbook? Great! Legislation changes often. We’ll do an audit to ensure you are meeting local and federal requirements. Don’t have a handbook yet? We will curate one that includes all the relavant policies while customizing the level of coverage you want your business to have. 9 out of 10 employees agree that handbooks are boring, but yours doesn’t have to suck.

High Rock Human Resources

How We Do It

Leverage Technology

We implement cutting-edge technologies to remove room for error, enhance productivity, and provide security in your operations.

Strengthen Processes

We analyze your current processes, optimizing the aspects which correlate to high-growth periods and redeveloping the rest to reach your growth potential.

Develop Internal Policies

Collaborating closely with you, we craft, then implement policies that comply with both state and federal regulations.

Ensure Compliance

Our experts keep current on both state and federal regulations, ranging from worker’s compensation to veteran’s rights to family leave. We then avoid risks by implementing necessary prevention measures.

Manage Employee Relations

Avoid lawsuits and set proper expectations with your employees by allowing us to develop handbooks and assist employee relations issues. We will partner on documenting issues from internal complaints to terminations.


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