We look not just to succeed, but to do the impossible. We do so by creating outstanding experiences with our clients, and creating a community of our clientele and our employees..

Liz Mason

CEO + Shareholder


Liz is a CPA (Nevada and Arizona) by day and an adventurer by night. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree with majors in Accounting and Finance (in 3 years because, why not).

Liz also went to Arizona State University for a Master’s degree in Information Management to satisfy her continued curiosity of technology and innovation. Throughout her career she has worked for national firms, a local firm and now focuses on running High Rock Accounting as Founder and CEO.

Liz sits on a bunch of boards, speaks locally and nationally frequently, and is always active, especially in the technology startup community in Phoenix. When not in Phoenix, you can find Liz traveling the world and enjoying different cultures.  She spends her free time with her husband and young son finding all the adventures and visiting anywhere she has never been before.

Melissa (Barker) Diaz

CFO + Shareholder


Melissa has worked on a wide range of accounting and audit services across the southwest and internationally, with a specialty in the healthcare industry.

She is a shareholder, and financial and GAAP accounting guru at High Rock Accounting, where she assists clients with GAAP compliance, financial modeling, financial reporting, and general financial accounting inquiries.

She is currently the loving mother to two step-children and three dogs. If you’re in search of a good conversation topic, she could go on for hours about dogs in general (but particularly hers). Also sloths. Her passion for each is only rivaled by her love of travel.

Kevin McCluskey

Efficiency Specialist


The problems faced by accountants are being solved more and more often, not with classic accounting solutions, but by developing and utilizing advances in computers and technology. That’s where Kevin comes in.

Kevin graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. As an aspiring actuary, he found little difficulty passing the preliminary exams but still struggled to find an opening to work in the field.

The fostering environment at High Rock has given him the opportunity to adapt his skills to a traditionally rigid industry. He currently manages our systems and software, and prides himself on efficient implementation and integration of new clients. He will be attending Arizona State University to earn a Master’s in Information Management.

Neil Vermillion

Accounting Technician + Marketing Pro

Neil spent his youth in the military, joining the Army at 17 and honorably serving for 6 years. After which he had many different experiences ranging from Alaskan commercial fisherman, Helicopter pilot, and civilian combat advisor to the Kurdish Peshmerga. In his spare time, he operates a firearms training company.

Neil comes to High Rock with entrepreneurial experience, a passion for helping and teaching people, and a unique perspective of accounting.

Cheryl Sadolfo

Accounting Guru


Cheryl grew up in the Chicago land area and brought her love of the city and Chicago Cubs to Arizona over 10 years ago. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with Bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Marketing.

Cheryl has spent several years in national public accounting firms with experience in tax as well as audit primarily in the Financial Institution and Non-Profit Industries. As an Accounting Guru at High Rock Accounting, she is excited to share her passion for GAAP, financial reporting, and overall accounting training with her clients and the High Rock team.

Cheryl is a bubbly, fun-loving member of the team! She loves traveling the world and exploring new cultures (this also includes new places in Arizona) with her friends and family!

Logan Springer

Efficiency Apprentice


Logan is currently pursuing an accounting degree at Grand Canyon University, through the Colangelo School of Business. He is in his first year and is still trying to get used to living on his own. Logan is another Midwestern addition to our team, as he was raised in Indiana near Indianapolis. Like most others who make the move to Arizona from the Midwest, Logan was tired of the cold weather and simple mundane feel of the Midwest. Logan loves change and experiencing new things, which made the decision to move to the west so easy.

As an apprentice, Logan has been working closely with Kevin as well as other members of the team, to gain an understanding of the accounting field, and what it truly means to be an accountant. Logan is excited to be able to have the advantage of not only understanding specifics of accounting, but also having the ability of bringing an understanding of real world situations into his accounting classes in future semesters. Logan’s appreciation for change, not only helped bring him to Phoenix, but also has helped him develop a longing to experience new things in life. Although he is unsure about where this may take him in the future, he is excited to see what opportunities lie ahead.


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